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Super Dirt Origin Story

Our Story

It all started one day on a middle of the night flight from Paris to Moscow. This, for me, was not a glamorous trip, I was cooking for an actor on his European tour for a film. This meant I was prepping food at all hours of the day/night in different hotel restaurants in different cities with absolutely no time whatsoever to feed myself.

Finally, on that flight as I sat behind my client and watched him eat his perfectly crafted dinner, made with the exact balance of protein-carb-fat for his body goals, my stomach didn't just growl, it roared. I looked around and found...a variety of salty, fatty chips, candy bars and protein bars crammed with ingredients I couldn't pronounce.

That was it. I HAD to change this, even if it took the rest of my adult life! Snack food options were unhealthy or tasted like the same mash of muted flavors. I felt a strong desire to not only solve for x for myself but to create solutions universal to all of us who are always on the move, living extraordinarily busy and full lives.

It is not always easy or feasible to shop the perimeter of the store and make yourself (or your family) a well balanced and healthy meal.

Super Dirt was born to bring the most nourishing food, with uncompromised standards and quality to the snack space while supporting the environment as best we can. Starting with BALLERS - the perfect travel/busy life companion, never leaving your taste buds or tummy unsatisfied.

Toni and Ryan then joined the ranks and the rest is history.

Together, we started this company to fill a need for ourselves: busy, fun, health-conscious people; just like you.

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Kristin’s career has taken more than a  reasonable number twists and turns. Led by an unwillingness to abandon her passion for sharing her love of  healthy food and the transformative impact eating clean can have on our health. She has a Masters Degree in Art Therapy, worked as an Art Therapist at an eating disorder clinic, pitched a cooking show to Food Network, produced shows for a Food Network/Cooking Channel production company, is a published author of  four cookbooks for The Blood Type Diet, became a private chef for celebrities and athletes, consults for professional athletic teams and has launched Super Dirt with her partner, Toni Garrn and brother Ryan O'Connor. This company is who she is manifested into Super Dirt's Ultimate Wellness products, starting with BALLERS...and all the future products to come!

Kristin wishes to be part of a larger solution; helping to ensure that people have the ability to eat well, and that sustainability of individual crops, as well as the integrity of our planet, is considered in every endeavor.

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A German supermodel brought up between London, Athens and Hamburg, Toni is now officially an NYC native. Her career reads like the most coveted closet; from Dior, Chloe, Calvin Klein, Prada, Cartier, Zara, H&M, Victoria Secret to name a few, Toni has been the face of some of the biggest campaigns in the business. Most recently she was announced as the global face and ambassador of Schwarzkopf, one of the world’s largest beauty companies.

Toni also set out to fulfill her passion for philanthropy, and in 2016 launched a female rights foundation with projects all over Africa, benefiting girls education. In 2015 she saw an opportunity and created a global brand called the Supermodel Flea Market, reselling the clothing she and her model friends are gifted by designer labels and donating 100% of the profits to her foundation.

By nature of her job, Toni has always been aware of the benefits of eating well. Toni also became an investor in 42 Raw, a vegan restaurant in Denmark. Between modeling, advocating for female rights around the world, and acting in her spare time, Toni has created a personal brand that is strong, independent and smart. And she's only just begun.

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I am lucky to have an amazingly inspirational and creative sister who’s mind works on levels that I most certainly do not have. She’s the dreamer and I’m the realist… She’s the right brain, I’m the left brain. These opposites have allowed us to develop an extremely close yin and yang relationship. This meant that when Kristin came to me early in the summer of 2021 with an idea to officially collaborate efforts for Super Dirt (I had assisted as an unofficial advisor prior to this) I was immediately very intrigued.

Until then, I loved being a Gastroenterologist, but I also was frustrated that I couldn’t contribute to the improvement of people's overall health in a more preventative manner. The idea of a healthy food startup was very enticing, but I knew leaving medicine as a physician is not easy. What I knew, was that I was ready to take that risk and bring with me all the tools I have learned in my profession to help lead this company to success.

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Our Purpose/Mission

The first snacks and on-the-go food products to prioritize both consumer and environmental health. Super Dirt's innovative recipes boost your energy and your day, with no compromises; ingredients, taste or planet!

Core Values

  • 1. Integrity matters

  • 6. Nothing ventured, nothing gained

  • 2. Think like a consumer

  • 7. The Devil is in the details

  • 3. Reciprocity - Give Where You Take

  • 8. Do it like you mean it

  • 4. Do unto others as you would have done to you

  • 9. Take responsibility

  • 5. Reliability is paramount

  • 10. Fun’s never come last (except here!)


Our advisors represent the very foundation of our company in their individual areas of strength: environmental health (Justin Winter, Director of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation), and Legal Counsel (Heather Dominguez Rahilly)

Justin Winters / Founder of One Earth
Heather Dominguez Rahilly / General Counsel