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How To Find Us?

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What products are available for subscription?

Super Dirt wants to make ultimate wellness as convenient for you as possible, therefore, all of our products are available via subscription. Click HERE for details

Are Super Dirt products Vegan?

All of our BALLERS are plant based, and bound partially with date syrup to ensure every last one is vegan.

Are Super Dirt products organic?

Super Dirt believes in delivering the healthiest snacks with un-compromised nutrition, therefore we have made it our goal to be USDA certified organic, certified gluten-free and use only non-gmo ingredients. 

Why are the BALLERS I receive less vibrant than illustrated online?

Each of our BALLERS flavors have an exterior coating to both enhance color and flavor - the coating is a natural ingredient found inside that flavor BALLER (Ginger Beet has dehydrated beet powder on the exterior as well as inside). Because we are not using any additional artificial ingredients, coloring or stabilizers, sometimes the vibrancy of the coating mutes slightly in transit to you, unlike when we initially take photos of them directly off the line!

What does it mean to use real ingredients in our products?

Ingredients like cocoa nibs are real, raw ingredients that are shelled from their exterior coating. That means that despite a very rigorous shelling process, on rare occasion there could be shells that get mixed in to the batch. If you encounter a hard fragment, this is most likely the reason.

Shipping & Returns

Return Policy?

Although we want nothing more than for you to love our product, for food safety reasons, we cannot accept returns. All sales are final. 

Shipping outside the United States?

Currently we are unable to ship outside of the continental United States or to California, but we cannot wait to expand beyond our borders. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our next moves, including when you can expect to see BALLERS available in your country.


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